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Ready To Feel Better? Also known as B12 shots, Lipo-B Injections = Vitamin B12 + Lipotropic amino acids
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B12 Injections can help improve:

  • Metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Mood and cognition
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Nervous system and heart health
  • Brain and cell function
  • Artery health and cholesterol
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nail

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    Lipotropic amino acids Methionine, Inositol, Choline

    Lipo (or MIC) B12 provides you with the power punch you’ve been looking for!

    There are three additional amino acids added to B12; Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. These three key ingredients help increase metabolism and fat excretion!

    Methionine is a protein-based amino acid that assists in the release of fatty proteins.

    Inositol helps remove fat from the liver and body.

    Choline helps improve artery health and prevents cholesterol and plaque buildup

    If you are trying to improve overall health and lose weight we recommend weekly Lipo B12 injections. Although results vary, most people will start looking and feeling healthier in just 4 weeks.



    Set up an initial consultation where questions are answered and lab work is ordered.


    Follow-up appointment to discuss in-depth lab results and YOUR personalized plan.


    Depending on the therapy chosen, follow-up is initially in eight weeks then every six months. Some patients only require labs evaluation yearly depending on how YOU feel!

    Spark Hormone Therapy uses only bioidentical hormones to restore hormones in both men and women. Optimization of hormones to optimal levels is essential to alleviate common symptoms of aging and to attain health and longevity.

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