Auto Injector- Black

Purple Auto-Injector

Auto Injector- Black



The needle guide assistant makes needle phobia, injection anxiety, and pain a thing of the past. Don’t like injections?

Product Description

Fast Easy Pain Free! The Easy Guide Auto-Injector is a game changer

Built from high quality materials, beautifully designed and impressive functionality guarantees an easy and painless injection every time.

  • No more anxiety or needle phobia
  • Correct injection angle every time
  • Ensures needle stability
  • LED light to prevent excessive pressure.
  • Little to no injection pain
  • Fewer side effects
  • Needle shield eliminates needle exposure
  • Safety lock – prevents accidental firing
  • Child proof (safety lock)
  • Choice of needle extension depth intramuscular or subcutaneous Injections
  • Ability to self-inject
  • Very user friendly

* No refunds on medical devices. The device has been thoroughly tested by an accredited institution with a 10 year service life.

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